Naughty Towers

The accademy for naughty girls who don't behave on shoots!

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the cast


role & character


role & character

Miss Millicent Whipit M.A.


Head honcho at the naughty college for delinquent girls.

Miss Whipit always has her ruler ready!

Our Miss Whipit has a naughty secret though!

Miss Hayley Titta

Computer Sciences

Miss Hayley is the techno brains at Naughty Towers and always has her hands full...

Her hobby is naked pole dancing with Miss Jones the dance misstress.

Miss Fiona Goodbody

Games & Equestrian

Naughty Fiona's favourite vice is a quick tipple of sherry, a horse ride then a crafty strip off!

Fiona's a bit of a loner and enjoys studying and watching tv, especially late at night.

Miss Beckie Knockers B.A.

Careers Advisor

Beckie has plenty of experience in providing the well proportioned young ladies at the accademy with work... pole dancing, stripping, driving topless....!

Miss Jasmine Jones

Dance & Drama

Miss Jones loves to dance and have the students dance too.

There's always drama at Naughty Towers and Miss Jones is a great teacher!

Her hobby is naked pole dancing with Miss Titta the Computer Sciences Mistress.

senior girls

Hannah Hooters

Head Girl

Older sister of Holly. Hannah is jealous of her sister because she is so popular.

Haughty Hannah likes to keep the other girls in their place with a good bit of discipline - especially Chloe Crumpet!

Chloe Crumpet

Deputy Head Girl

Chloe always appears strict but then her soft nature comes out and she usually ends up worse off than the girls she tells off!

Chloe's also known for her love of boys and sometimes the other girls ... ummmm.

Danni Kinky


Ambitious Posh girl Danni is always trying to get one up on the girls, but usually ends up worse off.

Not very popular with the other prefects as she's too friendly with the girls.....

the girls

Hannah Suckwell

College Tart

Uh oh! Hannah's got a bit of a reputation. Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, Snogging; you name it, Hannah does it, and she usually gets caught.

Naughty Hannah is the most entertaining girl at the Towers.

Zoe Lovecheeks

New Girl

Cute and pretty Zoe is always being tripped up and caught out by the other girls.

On her first day she is coaxed into stripping off!

Abigail Bottomly

Naughty but Nice

Abi likes to hang about the naughty girls and she can be not what you expect.

Her nice round peachy butt deserves a good spankong!

Sara Goodbutt

Bit of atell tell

She likes all the nughty girls too, but if you touch her she'll text her daddy.....

Hmm... seems her big round botty is waiting to be disciplined too!

Holly Hooters

Huge Jugged Tease

Younger sister of Head Girl Hannah who is so jealous of her because she is popular.

Holly has the biggest tits in the college and she's proud of them and always shows them off and when she's caught by Miss the punishments can be a real pain!

Holly Juggit

Sporty Type

Holly's biggest assetts are always getting her in truoble. She love the gym and games but those huge boobs keep getting in the way.

Mummy owns a polo pony don't ya know!

Bryoni Bedworthy

Fun, but Lazy

Bryoni, being from Wales sometimes struggles with lessons as she can't keep her eyes open long enough.

Bright and intelligent, Bryoni seems to do well at her exams.

Clarissa Ponsonby

Miss Whipits niece

As the niece of Miss Whipit Clarissa can't help being the college tell-tale.

Prim and proper Clarissa passes all her exams!

Ami Peaches

Naughty Tease

Another girl with a liking for the booze and fags.

A bit of a raver, Ami enjoys a good session down at the local bar before coming back to hob nob with her best mate Hannah Suckwell.

Chloe Hotbody

Posh Girl

Posh Chloe has a bit of a lisp and all the other girls are jealous because 'her Dad's a millionaire - don't you know!'

Chloe's body is tight and firm because she loves the gym, but there is a dark side too, Chloe likes anything she can suck :)

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